Monday, May 5, 2014

Sluts on Hiatus

While Plan A was having a nice, long post on one of the many wonderful candidates for May 2014's Slut of the Month, life got in the way. I love my Sluts, but they're seriously time-intensive on the research and writing side. As I posted here, I've been sidelined by life.

My wonderful brother -in-law love has since passed away, on April 19. While this is a relief in many ways, as there was no hope of recovery, and in his last months he suffered much pain, and horrible breathing difficulties, despite the best drugs hospice could offer, we are all still grieving.  He entered my life when I was four years old, and I loved him very much.

My sister has finished her chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she did not get an all-clear on the PET scan she endured a few days after her husband died. It is possible the results are a false positive; it is also possible she has a new tumor and may need radiation treatment. We should know by the end of this week.

So, we are all trying to support her as she struggles to adjust to a life without the man who's been her life partner for decades. While she's still facing a life-threatening disease.

First anniversary
It kind of goes to show, however, that part of the secret of telling a good story - especially a love story - is knowing when to end it. Because in real life, most couples may start with a "happily ever after," but there is usually a point where one spouse is left behind.

I hope to be back to regular posts, and my regularly scheduled Sluts, soon. In the meantime, I invite you to take a peek at one of the previous Sluts that you may have missed:

  • Anaïs Nin - erotica writer, novelist, muse
  • Anne Boleyn - the woman Henry VIII overturned the English church for
  • Ava Gardner - much married, glamorous film star
  • Betty White - witty humanitarian, TV star, game show regular
  • Boudicca - Celtic queen who made Romans pay for raping her daughters
  • Catherine the Great - minor German nobility who became Empress of Russia
  • Cleopatra - Brilliant Queen who spoke several languages, including men
  • Hwang Jini - Korean poet and courtesan
  • Jezebel - Hebrew queen and one of the first victims of slut-shaming
  • Dr. Joycelyn Elders - former Surgeon General of the USA who spoke out for safe sex
  • Mae West - vaudeville baud turned Hollywood superstar
  • The "Unsinkable Molly Brown" - She did survive the Titanic, but also battled for workers' rights and ran for political office 
  • Peggy Lee - songwriter, chanteuse, film star, and successful litigant against Disney
  • Rita Moreno - Anita in West Side Story, Marlon Brando's girlfriend, and much more
  • Saartje (Sara) Baartman - displayed in Europe as "The Venus Hottentot" - was she victim, self-exploiter, or some of both?

Thank you for your support and encouragement during this dark personal time. I wish you and your loved ones much health, healing, and happiness.
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