Monday, December 22, 2014

Ain't You Got Presents to Wrap?

English: Chocolate and vanilla cream are combi...
English: Chocolate and vanilla cream are combined in this sufganiyah creation at Mahane Yehuda Market (shuk) in Jerusalem during Hanukkah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was stressing about the conflict between little time and motivation to write a blog post, because I am trying to get back on track of at least a weekly blogpost, and the realization that, in the middle of Hanukkah, in the hours before Xmas, nobody gives a flying fart about my blog posts but ME.

Y'all are too busy. *I* am too busy.

So, go bake some donuts, or Xmas cookies. Wrap presents or spin a dreidel. Celebrate the Solstice with merriment and candles (and my favorite, sex), Consider thoughtfully the principles of Kwanzaa.

Celebrate the holidays the way YOU want to celebrate them, and I will be back, in a few weeks, with more Slut of the Month posts, more Adventures in Datingland posts, more tips on writing and books reviews.

See you in the New Year!