Monday, April 13, 2015

Try Whatever Works #gettingUNblocked

Ever had one of those months - or, a period longer than months - where you are totally and completely blocked in your writing?

Where it feels like it maxes out your creativity just to make a freakin' grocery list?

(If your answer is no, I hate you. In a friendly way, of course.)

*I* have been blocked, and I have tried... everything.

Butt in chair. Going for a walk. Reading. Taking a bath.

Hanging out with my awesome sister.

Playing with my pussies.

What did you think I meant?

Mom to Mojo: "Let's go for a walk!" Mojo to Mom: "I won't and you can't make me."

Part of my problem has been work... It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (NOT!!!) if you are in the accounting field. And part of it is I have been blue as my family approaches the deathversary of my brother-in-love. And part of it is, my dating life really heated up.  *looks at ceiling and blushes*

Doesn't Matter Why. What Matters Is, Getting Moving Again

I've always been more of a pantser, but I have been hearing many good things about plotting and outlining. So, since I couldn't be more blocked anyway, decided to look at outlining. Again.

This book actually helped me get moving.

So I wrote an outline for the story I was determined to finish and turn in for an upcoming anthology (if all goes well, it'll be out this summer),  And then, still struggling, I worked on the first draft of the story in reverse order, last chapter first.

In longhand.

And it worked. I finished the story in time to have it to beta readers, to make my corrections and in time to submit.

Hopefully, it'll be out this summer. That part, I have no control over. But the thing is, I finished the story!!!

And so my advice to all you writers out there, keep plugging away. Be like a Roomba - if you bang into a wall here, reverse course and try a different direction. Try reading out loud, writing longhand.  Walking or running away from the computer.

I'm working, now, on getting into better synch with the cycles of the moon, To work on writing when the moon is waxing; editing, deleting, and researching when it is waning.  (Too woo-woo for you, that's fine, but I was ready to sacrifice a chicken if it would get me words in a row.)

To ditch the blog, as necessary, to work on my "real" writing. Even allowing my beloved Sluts of the Month (who will be back, in not too terribly long) to go on hiatus.

And oh, I have had the loveliest, most exciting idea for an entire series of novels that I am itching to write.

You thoughts?