Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fangirling on my Photographer #NickHolmes

Recently I "met" Sarah Stevenson, another fan of the photography work of Nick Holmes. I'm a little jealous of this great clip, becauseI wanted to videotape an interview with him. But I never got around to it and the pussies would probably have been jumping all over him anyway.

My pussies, Creativity and Motivation - what were you thinking?

A Conversation with...Nick Holmes from Sarah G. Stevenson on Vimeo.

In the clip above, Nick reads a little from his wonderfully sensual book of poetry, Time Spent Falling.  Confession: I'd always wanted to re-enact that scene from Bull Durham, where Annie Savoy has tied an almost naked Ebby to the bed... and then reads poetry to him while he writhes in frustrated anticipation. And pleasure.

I can stand to improve both my rope-tying game, and my reading aloud skills, but...

Let's just say this book lends itself quite well to doing this as a scene.

So, in Nick's other work... My Kicking Cancer's Ass memoir, I am so pleased to be sharing his empowering, life-changing work with the world. It's getting some positive reviews, which is exciting, (Note: I would ALWAYS love more reviews) and I'm doing a Goodreads Giveaway of the paperback that ends tomorrow, November 8. Get in while you can!

If you'd rather buy a copy, I ain't gonna say no to that, either.

I am really happy to be supported, not just by lovers, family and friends during my cancer journey, but now, during this really vulnerable time of exposing myself to the world via this book. In a way, my boob pictures are the least revealing part of the thing.
Photo by Nick Holmes. Of course.
Anywho, Nick - and Sarah - have another collaboration they're doing together, and it looks wonderful. It's a project called We Will Rise:
We Will Rise is a forthcoming book and growing movement of women offering stories of hope for our daughters. Through stories, photography, and film, we're ushering in a better future through the ways we raise our girls. 
You can Like the project and sign up for the newsletter on Facebook.

I must to admit to being jealous, again. I wasn't lucky enough to have a daughter, though I have a terrific son. And I will never have more photographs of me and my mother than the few already in existence. But I am quite enthusiastic about this project and wholeheartedly agree that the way we raise our daughters in this world, can make a world of difference.

Are you raising a daughter?
Have you been photographed by Nick?
Have you read Time Spent Falling?
Leave any thoughts or comments, below.