Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guest Post - In a Flutter about Twitter

I don't know Twat about Twitter.  But I knew who would - Paula L. Johnson.  Because Paula knows about everything - marketing, websites, copywriting, adwriting, you-name-it.  And what Paula doesn't know, Paula quickly finds out.  And Paula shares.  

Have you guessed that I have a teen-girly, non-lesbian kind of crush on Paula, along with breathless admiration for her breadth of knowledge and lightning-fast execution of just about anything?  

As stolen borrowed from her blog:
In a flutter about Twitter
I started posting on Twitter in late 2008 at the request of a client who wanted me to evaluate it for his business.While I was a bit late to the Twitter party, I'm now hooked on microblogging. Now when other clients quiz me about Twitter, I point them to:, a site devoted to all things Twitter.
Twitter lists and the Twitter news channel on (which is a great resource for information on all social media technology).
I'll add additional articles and resources to this post as I find them. If you have links to share, please do so in your comment.

Image by Telegraph via Softpedia
I have yet to Tweet extensively.  Right now, my feeling about frequent Twitterers?  Twits? is that same mixture of admiration and puzzlement for women who wear high heeled shoes to walk around Universal Studios all day.  Sure, it looks impressive - but why would anyone want to do that?  Why?  Why?

But I'm thinking when I have a book to promote - perhaps even this blog, or my website, Twitter will be a tool I'll want to use.  I'm going to read up on all these great sites over the holidays, now that I have all the info in one handy place.

And now, so do you.  :-)

Do you Tweet?  What do you Tweet?  Let me know in the comments, below.
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