Many blogs display all kinds of stunning appearing awards.  I've even been given several myself.
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at her authorized website.

I really really appreciate anyone who thinks I deserve one, and don't wish to appear ungracious, ungrateful, or controversial.  Yet  at the risk of appearing so... I'm not going to put them up.

For one thing, I just don't have the time for all the work that awards entail - choose five (or more) other blogs to pass it along to, tell eight intimate things about yourself, on and on and on...  I get exhausted just reading the rules for what to do if you receive one.

Also, I'm still working out what I want the look of Writing in Flow to be.  I've had some crazy adventures with Intense Debate vs. other widgets and gadgets, and still feel that my blog appears too cluttered.  As I'm figuring out how to simplify it, as beautiful and artistic as some of these awards appear, they don't quite fit with where I'm trying to go, design-wise.

I've been visiting many blogs, and plan to visit many many more.  If your blog offers consistent, quality content that would be helpful to other writers, I will Follow it and include it among the links which appear in the sidebar (which are automatically rotated by most recent posts.)  I decided to trim down the number of posts which appear at one time because that, too, seemed too messy and overwhelming, at least to my critical eyes.  (No, I'm not a clean freak off line!)

If I've visited your blog and like it for other reasons - great funny pet pictures, for example, I'll probably Follow it anyway, but may not include its content in the sidebar.

Not trying to be a snob, or to in any way snipe at those who give or choose to post various awards on their blogs.  I'm simply going in a different direction, at least for now.

Warmest wishes for your Web success!