Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - Grateful for our Servicemen and Women

Today's going to be short and sweet.

The above is a photograph of Mom at work.  She served in the Coast Guard, from August 1943 to December 1945.  According to her discharge papers, she reached the rank of Radioman 3rd Class, and was authorized to handle classified documents.

Many years later, I worked in a hardware store that actually had a switchboard much like this one - and I had never even seen this photograph until within this last year.  How cool is that?

I also like to think, as a writer, my job - to find ways to communicate with others - is much like hers.

My mother, and her sister servicewomen who have served our country in one way or another - all 2.5 million of them - as well as "Rosie the Riveter, and countless other women who discovered they could in fact do "a man's job," quite well, are in large part responsible for the women's movement.  If it were not for them and their courage, I doubt that I and other women would have the opportunities we do.

Though there are still too many ways in which freedom and equality have not yet reached women worldwide, we have come a long way, baby.

While we need to honor and be grateful to all who have served our country - male and female, black, white, Hispanic, Native American, Asian (and/or any other variation or combination) I will be thinking of and especially grateful to the women who have served, on this Memorial Day.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery
Please include a visit whenever your are in the Washington D.C. area
There are wonderful interactive displays and exhibits inside.
Thank you, Mom, Aunt Ruth, and all those who have served, and continue to serve, the United States of America.