Monday, January 16, 2012

Got Racism? Discrimination? MLK BlogFest on these Issues

Taking about racism and discrimination; hell, even thinking about it, is not comfortable.  Yet whether we think or talk about it, or avoid the subject, it's still the big elephant in the living room.

It may not be "nice," or "polite," or easy to talk about these things.  But when we avoid discussion of them... they don't magically go away.

People didn't stop acting mean or stupid, just because we pretended the elephant wasn't there.  Simply because now we don't say "the N word" in polite company doesn't mean the future is brighter for the average Black kid born into poverty.

As mentioned in my original post, discrimination isn't simply a Black-or-White issue.  The bloggers below, and YOU, if you care to join in, are invited to discuss discrimination in all shapes, sizes and colors, from sexism to racism to prejudice against the differently-abled.  What have your experiences been?  How have you experienced discrimination?  What are your thoughts and feelings on this subject?

MLK Memorial via Wikimedia Commons

We are all on this planet together, more of us every day.  Perhaps we should figure out how to get along with each other a little better.  IMO, that starts with listening to one another.

Please copy and paste the link to your specific blog post, not just your blog.

Looking forward to a thoughtful and civil discourse on the subject from all kinds of voices.
Thank you for participating.
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