Monday, February 13, 2012

Dammit, Whitney!

Didn't We Almost Have It AllImage via WikipediaI didn't want you to go like that.

Sometimes when talented stars exhibit repeated "substance abuse problems," and then claim to have cleaned up their act, I couldn't care less whether it's true or not.  Oh, I don't wish them ill or anything, but I simply Don't. Care.

Whitney I wanted to see make that comeback. I had a mad girl-crush on her, back in the 80's, and the song below was and is one of my favorites. She was so incredibly talented, so lovely, and at least in this video, so filled with joy and hope.  Such a waste.

Lot of buzz blaming her ex Bobby Brown for introducing her to drugs, way back when.  Certainly, if the news was reversed, if he'd drowned or OD'ed the tub, instead of her, I wouldn't need a hanky.  Cold, but true; I'm pretty sure if the world had never heard Mr. Brown's one big hit, the planet would go on spinning. Likewise that other Brown guy, no relation to Bobby, the one more famous for hitting his talented girlfriend Rihanna in the face than anything he ever performed, that guy, the one on the Grammy's again because...?  No big loss.

Whereas Whitney had the voice of an angel, at least once upon a time she did.  Before she lost her way, she could've sung a grocery list or ketchup label and made it sound amazing.

Reality is, some people are toxic for us.  Maybe they beat us, maybe they just batter us with their words, or teach us to share their addictions.

Whether they're spouses, love partners, business partners, friends, whether it is "all their fault" or all ours, or somewhere in between, sometimes we get too closely entangled with people who bring out the bad in us.  The unhealthy, the codependent, the drug or alcohol dependent side.

If we're smart and lucky, we realize this and break it off before it's too late.  Even if it feels like we can't possibly live without them.  Still we surface, find our way back to who were are/were.

Sometimes, though, we stay too long, and the damage is done.  Like a poison spreading through our system, simply cutting off the infected part isn't enough to do the job anymore.  I so wanted, hoped Whitney Houston would get her act together, and soon.  She had such talent, so much to live for, a beautiful young daughter who needed her mom.

Her fate so easily could've been me, or somebody I loved. 

My deepest condolences to Whitney's family, and those who loved her.

Your thoughts?
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