Monday, May 14, 2012

Nothin' to see here

I know, right?

It was one of those weekends where I was going to do lots of writing and blogging and visiting blogs, and instead, I...

Skyped with friends & family.

Read out by the pool. (I did swim a few laps, too.)


Washed all my sheets, blankets, and comforter, because while napping, it seemed to me that my comforter smelled like cat's ass.

I did pick some character names for a new novel. Watched a number of videos on what my lead character is going to do with her free time. Tried to write a synopsis, failed miserably. Decided to just plunge into the writing, got a few pages done.

Dreamed of a totally hot new sexual position, feeling like a genius, but it was the kind where it totally works in the dream, and when you fully wake up, and start to think about the choreography, NO, it really wouldn't work out in real life. Because male anatomy doesn't bend like that.

Not willingly, anyway.

And then the weekend was GONE. With very little to show for it, except a huge sense of relaxation and a distressing number of empty Hershey's kisses wrappers.

And now, here we are. Monday.

If you are home, writing, have a GREAT day. If you are at work, have a GREAT day. If you are at neither of those places, but are say, waiting for a doctor's appointment, have a GREAT day. (And make sure you let the doctor know, if s/he tries anything funny, it doesn't bend like that.)

Just sayin'.

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