Thursday, July 5, 2012

Be Your Own FaceBook Fangirl - Sharing Awesome Content

An easy way to share content to your FaceBook Fan Page is from your personal News Feed. (This post is a follow-up to one a few days ago on moving around your FaceBook Fan Page.)

1) I see a beautiful photo and post that I would love to Share with my Fan Page.

Click Share.

2) On the popup box, instead of the "On your own Timeline," default, choose the drop down arrow.

3) Choose "On Your Page."

4) If you are an Admin for more than one page, choose WHICH page.  (Be very, very careful choosing which page.) Add a personal comment.

5) It'll appear on your landing page like this, which is also what you see when you go to your page.

6) What does this post look like in your fans' News Feed? Like this.

Will they see it? 

Maybe, maybe not. FaceBook is doing some interesting things re: posting to fans' News Feed for free vs. posting sponsored ads.  And regardless of the system, obviously people won't see anything if they are on vacation or offline. (Disclaimer: as I said in the last FB post, they are making SO many changes so fast that's what's true today may no longer be true an hour from now. I do like the Voice option, and the ability to EDIT my typos.)

But for sure, whether it is streamed to them or not, fans don't see the content you didn't Share or post.  You can get Followers by posting a variety of snarky or beautiful comments, by sharing or uploading beautiful pictures and video, and by commenting on and sharing other people's posts, as well.

Reminder: Make sure you are very, very mindful of your target audience, when sharing from your personal News Feed. You may offend your Chastity McPure, Inspirational Romance fans if you share about the latest discount for floggers, and your Sadistica, Empress of Pain fans may wonder what you're smokin' if you share the latest patterns in calico aprons.

Of course, worst case scenario, there's always the DELETE this post option.

Social Media. Not just about blowing your own horn (because eventually, you will run out of hot air).

Your thoughts, comments, experiences?