Monday, September 29, 2014

Because Kittens

I haven't posted in a while, because life.

And kittens.

As I've been adjusting to the loss of my beloved brother-in-law, and looking for ways to support and re-invent my relationship with my sister, her sons, and my own son, I've been busy. Busy at work, busy with family "events," and busy with therapy.

I am happy to report, my sister is currently in remission and doing... okay. Losing someone who's been your life partner since you were 18 ain't something you shrug and get over in a hurry.

The weekend she moved home (june) to the small community on the shores of Lake Isabella, she almost had to evacuate, because of a nearby fire. Then again, last month (August), same deal. Another fire that came within 1/2 mile of her house, as if having serious cancer and losing her husband wasn't bad enough.

I am torn between sticking close to my sis to give her comfort and staying the hell away because it sometimes seems like she is a lightning rod for drama.

The drought is hitting California terribly hard, hence, the fires. I know, I know, #firstworldproblems. It's not like we have to give up showering (yet), or, stars forbid, miss a few meals like people in Africa or other parts of the world, where global climate change = regional starvation.

But then again, maybe that's in our future. Who knows where this will lead, in another 20 years?

Earlier this month, some of the family went to my sister's house to ?celebrate? ?acknowledge? what would have been my BIL's birthday, because that's what my sis wanted. Among other things, we watched Jim's favorite movie, Tommy. Which is also one of my all-time favorites.

Cover of
Cover of Tommy

Here's one of my favorite scenes, where Tommy's mother Nora, played by Ann-Margret, has a nervous breakdown (what we currently call a psychotic break).

I love how, in the end, the only pure, white, unbesmirched thing left in the room is the carnations... and then they, too, are beaned and chocolated up.

An Object in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion

Because my life is in transition, and I am having to make a shift in all the relationships in my life, to adjust to the loss of my beloved Jim, I've been seeing a therapist once a week. Got plenty of emotional homework I've been working on. I feel like I am making good progress.

I personally recommend therapy in times of grief, or transition. If we pay attention to something that's not - quite - working right, whether that's a car, a faucet, or our emotional life, it's much easier to fix than waiting till the engine is "froze up" on the overpass from the 134 to the 2. (Which is NOT where you want to be stuck, trust me.)

via wikipedia at at the half-way point
Yes, it IS a billion miles high, give or take a few

My personal engine is not stalled, but over the last few months, it's been laboring. So, fewer blog posts, more massages, and counseling to get through the tough parts.

And, I've been transitioning a kitten,

See, my cat, 12 1/2 year-old Metaphor, aka Stinky, is just a smidge overweight.

Maybe more than a smidge.

What do you mean, I'm not just fluffy?

I have tried every brand of diet cat for the last 8 years. Stinky only gets MEASURED amounts of it. Endless vet consultations. And still... *sighing*  I've bought so many cat toys and tried to interest her in them, my living room looks like Cat Disneyland. [Note: I'm sure I am supposed to post some kind of disclaimer here that Disneyland is trademarked yada yada, but you all know that I don't really have Disneyland in my living room, right?]

Enter Motivation, aka, Mojo

So, a hot young stud (neutered or not) would certainly get ME up and moving around. I consulted the staff at the East Valley Animal Shelter, and brought home Mojo, who's about 4 months old, and less than 4 pounds, to Metaphor's 22-23.

He is sweet and affectionate and I have been spending most mornings and evenings working to give each kitty individual attention and love and exercise space, before securing Motivation and heading off to the day job.

Two weeks in... Metaphor has let the kitten touch noses with her twice, but she's still pretty hissy.

Mojo has been in the Cone of Shame, following his neutering...

And out of it...

Yes, he does have the cutest, little white tip to his tail.

And... back in it again. (WHY can't males leave their danglies ALONE?!?)

*I* am well. Both kitties are spending a fair amount of time purring and being happy, and are on nutritional supplements recommended by my vet to boost their immune systems in these stressful times.

According to the label, it's tasty, so I almost took a lick, but it's rather fishy-smelling, so, no.

How are YOU?
What have YOU been up to, doing my hiatus from blogging and posting and visiting 'round?
Are you ready for the next Slut of the Month, coming next Monday?