Friday, April 8, 2011

Gratitude Attitude

from Augapfel at Flickr
I find that gratitude helps me to write.  

A big part of writing is simply planting butt in chair and doing it.  So, I'm sitting down, got my document open, I've queued to the page to resume where last I left off, and... I'm blocked.  I could get up and walk away, I could cruise the Internet and see what Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen is up to, but I want to use this time to write.

A dear friend (for whom I am very grateful) gave me a gratitude journal a year ago, and although I haven't written in it as much as perhaps I "should" (evil word, should, I'm trying to eliminate it from my vocabulary,) I find that just picking up my journal from time to time and writing a few lines about what I am grateful for, starts me going in a productive direction.  Primes the pump.

Then all kinds of words and ideas start flowing out.

Journaling is general is good for a writer's soul, but gratitude is good for a human soul.

My writing goal is to meet the A-Z Challenge, but beyond that, my goal is to be grateful for all the small and large blessings of every day.

Do you find that gratitude helps your writing?  
How so?