Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick, Call Nancy Drew!

looks like our girl Nance is in trouble herself
from Mystery at Lilac Inn via Flash News

I've been kidnaped! (The spelling of which word never looks right to me, btw.  I always want to add a second "p" - don't you?)

Actually, I'm guest blogging today over at Jackie Vick's site, A Writer's Jumble.  Sisters in Crime member Jacqueline Vick is the author of Logical Larry, Special Delivery, and The Mystery of the White Revelation, as well as short stories published in "The Best of Every Day Fiction" and other online & print magazines.

Why an erotica writer on a mystery site?  And what can I possibly be blogging about?

Well, there are elephants.  And trapezes.  And... well, follow the clues (aka links,) and you'll find out.