Friday, June 24, 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - Love Hurts

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For this Romantic Friday Writers Challenge, I've written a backstory scene for my character Lexy from my WIP, CLOSE KNIT.  I needed to work out for my own purposes why she's been  resistant to the idea of having a long-term boyfriend, but had no problem with a string of booty call lovers, and this prompt helped me tremendously.

Denise & Francine, thank you so very much for starting this group and giving us such interesting prompts.

Trigger Alert - This is a very dark story and features sexual molestation and rape of a minor.  If you have any doubts about how this might make you feel, please don't read any further.

Word Count: 400


Papa Teddy’s secret touching started when Allie was 10.  She felt tingly good, special and sexy, like he whispered.

Later, it hurt so much and he wouldn’t stop, even when she was crying and begging he just put his hand over her mouth and said Quiet you little Bitch and kept on until she was all slimy and bloody. 

“If you tell, they won’t believe you.  It’ll ruin your life, your mother’s life.  Is that really what you want?” her stepdad demanded.

Teddy was right.  When it went to trial, Allie’s name wasn’t in the papers, she was only 14, but everybody knew. Two years later, still “Little Whore,” and nasty laughs in the cafeteria.  No girlfriends; parents didn’t want their daughters contaminated.

Boys pretended to be friends.  Mostly they wanted to stick their tongues in Allie’s mouth and rub themselves against her till they came.  Being wanted felt powerful.  Sometimes she liked the grinding, if not the hickeys, bruises and names.

At least books didn’t call her a tramp.

Ian from chemistry class was super nice.  Whenever he gave a look, people shut up.  He walked her home and said he planned to study engineering.  Allie wanted to be a journalist.  They dated.  Just kissing.  No more hook-ups with other boys.

Genie seemed pleased when Allie consulted her about the pill.  ”Sweetheart, it wasn’t your fault, the-“

“Mom, I know,” Allie said.  “You’ve told me eight billion times.”

“Alexandra, as long as you still take pleasure in being a woman.  You’re entitled to that.  We all are.”

One night, Allie and Ian kissed for hours, then made love on an old knitted afghan made by Genie’s mother.  So sweet, so good, silver electric sparkles behind tightly closed eyes.

“I love you, Ian.”

Instead of, “I love you too,” he jumped up and left.

All weekend, Ian wouldn’t answer his cell.  In the hall, somebody pushed her, laughing as her books went flying. “On your knees, slut!”  In chem class, the ugly whispers were louder than ever.  Why wasn’t Ian sticking up for her?  Why wasn’t he even looking at her?
Finally she realized; Ian had been using her all along.

She’d show him.  He might be the first, but he wasn’t going to be the last.  Why not? She’d be Sexy Lexy, and it would be the boys down on their knees.

“No more love,” Lexy vowed.  Love hurts.  


This started out much longer - it was excruciating to cut to 400 words.  I envision Teddy as having married Genie when Allie was 4 or 5, so there was a huge violation of trust involved when the molestation began.  I also see him as being from a wealthy and influential family who backed him and did everything in their power to smear and shame Allie (as she was then) and her mother, even to making it difficult for Genie to find a job in the small town.  While Teddy does go to jail, he doesn't stay long, and even remarries after his release.

Lexy may be an imaginary person, but her story has happened over and over again, with minor variations.   None of the girls, boys, men or women who have been raped "deserved it."  If this story triggered you - if you have a story of assault or rape to tell, one place where you can safely share is: Violence Unsilenced.

Do not despair for Lexy - she does have a bright future (and love) ahead of her.  (That is, if she can allow herself to accept it.)


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