Friday, February 15, 2013

The Only One with Explicit Sex?

I belong to a terrific writers' organization, RWA (Romance Writers of America) and an extremely kick-ass, prolific chapter, LARA (Los Angeles Romance Authors). Many, many members of our chapter are best-selling authors, and in the almost two years I've been a member, several have even become personal friends.

So when the decision was announced we were putting together a short story anthology, Five Minute Love Stories, I was like, yippee, I'll write a story for it. Maybe they'll even take it.

Chellesie B. Dancer, author of Power Play, which beats 50 Shades  like a buggy whip, in both cover and hot smexy content, raised her hand. "Is there a limit to the heat level?"

"Any heat level would be fine," said amazing anthology wrangler Kathy Bennett, author of the best-selling A Dozen Deadly Roses.

A delighted murmur went through the room.

Hmmm, I thought. I guess the trend will be to go super-hot. Can I even write a super-sexy romance in 1500 words or less?

I felt scared. I felt intimidated. I felt clueless.

And then one day, I was riding the spastic elevator to my day job, and I was ambushed by a very naughty idea.

So I wrote it. 

And they took it.

And now, along with Kathleen Cadman, Leigh Court, Samanthe Beck, Robin Bielman, Debbie Decker, Chellesie B. Dancer, Robert Hecker, Kristin Elizabeth, Janie Emaus, Debra Kristi, Brenna Johns, Scarlett Llewyllyn, Christine London, Brenda Scott Royce, Veronica Scott, Laura Sheehan and Lisa Weseman, my little story is "out there," available for purchase.

Only, as it turned out, among all these fabulous authors, many who write erotic scenes so hot I must read them with my Ove-Gloves on, mine was the only story that required a warning for containing explicit sexual material.


You know, like when you're at the roller rink doing the Hokey Pokey, and everybody does the Hokey-Pokey to the left and you go to the right? But you're still somewhat happy and proud because at least you didn't faceplant?

That would be me.

Explicit sex (scenes) may not be to your taste.

You might love my story, you might hate it, you might feel meh about it. But I hope you'll drop a few bucks for Five Minute Love Stories, because besides Emergency Stop, the anthology is chock full of awesome. Some of the stories also boast a fair amount of steam, while others are sweet as a cupcake.

I'm not going to tell which title goes with which story or theme (read 'em and find out), but I will tell you,  we've got:
  • Egyptian time-traveling heroes
  • Heroines falling... falling in love, too.
  • Red, white and blue heroes
  • Librarians
  • Matchmaking dogs
  • British lords
  • American Actresses
  • Widowers studying up on their romance novels
  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Single Parents
  • Business Travelers with luggage issues
  • Protective and loyal brothers
  • Tag-along sisters
  • Cake decorators
  • Nephilim
  • Long lost loves
  • Honeymooners
  • Suffragettes
  • Giraffes
  • Earls
  • Music Teachers
  • Widows
  • Traffic School
  • Sleepwalkers
  • Doctors
  • Long married partners
  • Baristas
  • Divorcees
  • Teenage time travelers
  • Babies born on the 405

Who could ask for anything more? Conveniently sized for sampling on lunch, break, or whenever you need a quickie... love story, that is.

As a sidenote: The editors advised me the word "fapalicious" might be confusing. I kept it anyway. From Urban Dictionary:

The definition of something or someone so irresistible, that you cannot help but feel the urge to masturbate.
Did you see the tight ass on that lady? She's definitely fapalicious.

Five Minute Love Stories can also be purchased through B & N for your Nook, and via Smashwords. And on Amazon, did I mention (like 8 billion times)?

We know you have other anthologies for your reading pleasure, and we appreciate your choosing to enjoy Five Minute Love Stories. Have a safe flight fun read.

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