Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sex, Drugs,and Rock 'n Roll on the Cali-Oregon Border

If you live in SoCal, like me, and have reasons to travel north, like me, you're going to spend some time in airports or driving north.

While airports are always fun (not!), I prefer to drive. You get to visit, or at least pass through, all these wonderful hole-in-the-wall towns. You get to enjoy some amazing skies.

Hey, YOLO (You Only Live Once.) Which is also the name of a small but mighty agricultural county north of Sacramento.

When I passed through Hilt, California (and unless you're stopping to buy liquor, pretty much everybody passes through Hilt), I immediately thought of Sex. Because "hilt" is one of the nouns-turned-verbs currently popular in steamy romance, referring to an act of insertion, not of your standard sword sword. (Work with me here.)

Plus, I'd spent the night in one of the most romantic, luxurious and beautiful B & B's ever (more on that later) where I have to admit, returning with a partner is high on my to-do list.

Speaking of high, despite the lack of THC I was feeling quite happy about the odor and feel of the heavenly lotion the B & B had to offer.

I liked the original, but am planning to try the vanilla/plum, too.

 Which brings us to Drugs, er, Weed.

Weed, California, which I passed through prior to Hilt, is home to almost 3,000 people, and the inspiration for countless varieties of "I ♡ Weed" T-shirts. Weed is a lumber town near Mt. Shasta, and more than than 50 miles from the ocean.

Therefore, seagulls.

Probably if I was high on Drugs this would make more sense.

Southern Oregon, of course, boasts Talent. In between Ashland (Shakespeare Festival, hippies) and Medford (We've got an airport!), Talent rocks on with its population of almost 6,100. Because you can't have great Rock 'n Roll without Talent. (All right, I hear you groaning.)  Talent, Oregon does host recurring art and music festivals.

Not enough rock for you? 

How about The Crystal Room? Located in Mt. Shasta, California, exploring the eight rooms was like exploring a set of caves, one feeding into another, branching back and taking a different turning, all filled with sparkling stones and incredible art.

Raw stones, carved stones, polished stones...

This stone particularly drew me, something Van Gogh-ish about the colors.
Was out of my price range, however.

Yes, this gorgeous crystal is about three feet tall. And the edges are smooth, soapy and inviting to the touch.

Another smooth, colorful, inviting work of art.

There were big sparklies, and little sparklies.
And singing bowls.

Art with a combination of mediums.

Rock petals? Why not?

Feeling overwhelmed? The staff advised me to sit and center on this pyrite stool.

I was invited to touch and hold and fully experience all the stones and art. This piece blew me away.

I might also mention that hanging out with my awesome son and his terrific friends was a contact high in and of itself.

Picture at left taken during a day at the Family Fun Center (arcade, batting cage, mini-golf) where I actually put the bat on the ball for the first time in many years, followed by bowling, followed by dinner out, followed by...

I have so many ideas and so much inspiration for things I want to write!

More to come on my adventures at Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake - and I need your help with my head shots!!

Do you prefer flying, driving, or taking the train?
Got any good road trip adventures?

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