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Honeymoon Haven - or Anytime Getaway

Kirk McKenzie Photography
Medford, Oregon
I've always wanted to visit Mount Shasta.

And I've always wanted to spend a few nights  in a luxurious Bed & Breakfast.

Preferably with a smokin' hot man who looks like my awesome photographer.

Or like George Clooney or Bradley Cooper. I'm easy.

So, on a recent road trip to Oregon, I indulged myself.

Two out of Three Ain't Bad

George Clooney
Cover of George Clooney
I decided that waiting until Kirk, George, or Bradley is available is ridiculous. So since I would be passing near Mt. Shasta, I looked at various lodgings, just for me. Because I'm worth it and all that jazz.

Shasta MountINN caught my eye.

I took the virtual tour and read up on the history, and fell in love. 

Yes, it is also a spa. There are many different varieties of massage available. So if you've made a long drive to get there, you can get the kinks worked out, provided you schedule it enough in advance.

There are a lot of stairs. For those with mobility issues, this B & B may not be the best choice.

Comfy chairs from which to enjoy the views everywhere.

Yes, the front door is purple. The building itself is a very light cream color,
with pale green and purple accents.

This is the most elegant room, with its own whirlpool bath.

Original painting in the bathroom; to my eye reminiscent of Alma-Tadema.
When I saw this, I knew I was "home."

Plush, super-soft his-and-her robes.

Fancy showerheads for all heights.

This tub was just what I needed at the end of my long drive.
Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bubble bath, lotion...
All cruelty-free and delicious-smelling.

The furnishings elegant and super-comfortable.
The bedspread was velvety-soft and inviting to the touch.
The Tempur-Pedic mattress and Egyptian cotton sheets were divine.
Even had a silk pillowcase to avoid facial wrinkles (too late).

In the mood for love? Or TV, the choice was mine. DVD player, too, to watch movies I'd brought,
my morning yoga DVD, or to select one from the Shasta MountINN library.

Or perhaps reading by the fire?
If you're forgotten to bring reading material, there are plenty of books and magazines.

Need musical help getting to sleep, or waking up?
I particularly enjoyed Grateful Day by Beloved, a local artist. I've since bought a copy of her album.
If you must get on the 'Net (I did), there's Wi-Fi, too.

This was the view from my window that evening.

This waterfall and creek was also outside my window.

These super-comfy twin rockers are perfectly positioned for a view of Mt. Shasta.

Yes, a sauna. (I did not partake, but could have.)

Crystal bowls and strikers were positioned all around the house.

Guest dishes. Breakfast is provided; there is also a guest refrigerator, stove, microwave,
and barbecue for making lunches or evening meals.
In the relaxation room, you can watch TV, play the guitar, consult various divination cards,
and my favorite, get a (mechanical) calf-and-foot massage. Heavenly!

The DVD and book library. Also some cribbage boards and other games.

 My host suggested that skinny-dipping in the Jacuzzi first thing in the morning was a real treat.

He was soooo right.  Can you see the steam rising from the water which was the perfect temperature?

The view of Mt. Shasta in the morning was spectacular.

I hadn't even noticed when I arrived, but yes, a fire pit to gather around on a nice evening,
while enjoying the mountain and the gorgeously landscaped yard.
Black Butte - visible from two of the rooms, and the front porch.

There were no amenities missing. None. Right down to a pair of reading glasses conveniently left by the
guest book and the brochures for nearby attractions.

Breakfast was local, organic, and delicious.
Bread/toast choices included gluten-free and whole-grain.
Everything was designed to soothe and delight the senses. While it would have been delightful to share it with a compatible partner, I enjoyed it thoroughly as a solo event. My one regret is not having time for more than a super-short visit. There are only four guest rooms, so it's quite intimate, unlike a hotel or larger facility. The other couple I met over breakfast were warm and friendly and it was fun trading travel stories with them.

My host, Dave Knowles (no relationship to Beyoncé), told me that while the Shasta MountINN is open year-round, it does tend to "book up" during the main tourist season, Memorial Day to October 1. 1.530.926.1810. So reserve early.

If budget and time allow, I will certainly be back. I know some of my fictional characters are going to be visiting here in the near future. And if you are looking for a place to get away, you couldn't find anything nicer.

Have you ever been here?
Do you have any Bed & Breakfast stories, good or bad?

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