Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

You want something clever, funny, and original? On a three day weekend?  Do you have any idea how late I was up drinking watermelontinis deeply pondering the wonderfulness of being an American last night?

Okay, here's something to make you smile.  At least, it made ME smile.

G'wan, go eat a cupcake that's going to color your tongue intensely red, white or blue, or go write something already!  I'm sleeping off a hangover writing.  Shoo, shoo!


Still here?  Okay, let me gross you out.  I would so do Thomas Jefferson.  Or Ben Franklin.  (In their prime, of course.) John Adams... not so much.  Maybe Patrick Henry; he certainly seemed like a passionate guy.

Who's your FFILF/FMILF's?  (Founding Fathers or Mothers you'd like to know up close and very, very personal? )

Speaking of fantasy... I was lucky enough to score an interview with the fabulous Fiction Groupie blog goddess (1400 Followers on Google alone!) and erotica author Roni Loren.  She'll be here on Writing in Flow this coming Monday, the 11th, answering questions about writing and blogging schedules, being "out" (or not) as an erotica author, working with an agent and editor, and more.  You truly don't want to miss it!

So leave a comment with your fantasy FF/FM so we can all get a giggle, and then go enjoy your Independence Day!