Friday, July 1, 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - Lies Lies Lies!

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Denise (aka L'Aussie) & Francine, thank you so very much for starting this group and giving us such interesting prompts.

This is an excerpt from THE TROUBLE WITH YES.  Constance, who's about to be married to El (short for Elvis) in less than two weeks, has had her exes popping up more persistently than whack-a-moles.  The latest is Luis, who simply shows up on Connie's doorstep, after being kicked out of the house by his cheating girlfriend.

Word Count: 387

“Please, Constancia, just for a few days.  I have no money for a hotel, but my brother is sending me money that he has been keeping for me.  It will not arrive for another day or two, and I do not know if I can find a new apartemento right away.  And... I don’t wish to be alone right now.”

Luis was almost in tears.  The Luis I remembered was bossy, always in command of any situation.  He must really be hurting.

I knew I should ignore his pain.  This really wasn’t my problem.  Just Say No.

But I couldn’t.  Not with the man standing right in front of me, looking so destroyed.

It wasn’t like Luis was an alcoholic or drug addict.  He had very clean habits, as I recalled, he wouldn’t trash my place or make a lot of noise, disturb the neighbors.

Of course, El would go off like the finale to the 4th of July fireworks if he found out.  But there wasn’t any reason he had to.  I’d simply stay at his place after tonight.

“No matter what, you have to be gone by Tuesday, you understand?” I said as I pulled out sheets, blankets and pillows from the hall closet.

“I understand.  You will not regret letting me stay, Constancia, I promise.”

“I better not.”

I called El from my bedroom.  He sounded tired, almost asleep.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, darling, I just needed to hear your voice before I went to sleep.”

“Why, is something wrong?”

“No, no, there’s not, I miss you, that’s all.”  I pulled a strip of blanket between my fingers.

“I miss you too.”  He waited, then when I said nothing, asked, “Are you sure there’s nothing going on?”

“There’s not, there’s not.  I just wish I was there with you, that’s all.”  I wanted him so bad, needed him so bad.

“Then why don’t you drive over here?  Better yet, I'll come over to your place.  You sound like you need me.”

Part of me was thrilled that El was so easily piking up my vibes.  Then I remembered, Luis, sleeping on my couch.  Not a good plan.

“No, don’t!  I mean, yes, of course I need you, but I’m still a little crampy.  I’d probably kick and keep you awake.”


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