Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Too Many Books? Oh Yes, it's Possible
Guest Post from MIL Still Between Us

Apropos of nothing, starting with a cute puppy from Pinterest just because.

Stealing borrowing from my friend Sid's site, My Mother-in-Law Is Still Sitting Between Us..

The Study.

Mr. M was very smart and gave most of his time to his Union causes, his church, and other important community interests.

To his son, not so much.

Greg's stuff was kept in that hallway closet because his own bedroom closets were full of his mother's hoard.

I don't know if Mr. M led the retreat or was forced to retreat into his study.

Never will.  What a legacy.

I've blogged before about how one of the selling points for me regarding an e-reader was the back-breaking chore of moving two dozen plus large and heavy plastic crates of books into my second floor apartment.

Did I mention how heavy they were?  How my back hurts now just thinking about it?

I don't ever want to repeat that experience.

I've since thinned the herd a little.  I have (only) 11 bookcases and am focusing on any new books being exclusively all e-books.

But when I see something like this, I feel only a tiny bit covetous.  Mostly horrified.  Then I need to look at pictures of puppies and kitties and bunnies so I can stop shuddering.

Do you hoard books, to the point they are truly a danger to those in your home?
Or, can you easily say goodbye to the ones you don't absolutely love?
What's your reaction to this video?

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