Monday, August 1, 2011

Fire Sale Blogfest! Hot Fun Stories Here
Sexy Firefighter Pics Simply a Bonus

2011 Bonita Springs Firefighters Calendar for Charity

So I invited some great writers to blog on the theme of Fire Sale Husband.

Could be goofy, could be hot (see photo on left for inspiration), could be real life... Just tie it back in some way, however twisted or convoluted, to the theme of Fire Sale Husband.

First up was Nina Powers from Writing My Novel... and Stuff  - A tasty tale about a bride who finds her Fire Sale groom while cruising the personals.  "All parts in working order."

And, there are chocolate croissants.  I want.

Brenda Moguez of GrrlGuide dives deep with You Said I Do, a poem about staying true in the long run, even if passion has faded and infidelity beckons.

Melissa DeCarlo's Bookish and Odd shares the wistful story of the HELLFIRE & SALVATION ELECTRIC HURDY-GURDY SCHOOL BAND, as their lights blink out, coming to be known as Fire Sale Husband.

Rhonda at OEBooks gives major props to her own Fire Sale Husband for helping put out her fires, whether that's car trouble or... read and find out.

Atoll Annie's Where There's Smoke, There's a Fire Sale offers a humorous romp through the rise and fall of a Fire Sale, celebrity psychic Wife.  (Close enough.)

I wrote my own tearjerker tale with Appearances Can Be Deceiving - which also deceived some readers as I wrote it in first person.  For the record, I am not pregnant, nor do I have a sexy firefighter husband (at least, not yet, though I live in hope.)  All fictional.

Wonderful, incredibly sexy men come in all shapes and sizes: young, old, or in-between, whether they're boasting a six pack or a half-kegger.  One of the most heroic and romantic men I ever knew (from a distance; he was married to a dear friend) was disabled by MS for too damn long before his death a few years ago.  Being hot is about much more than great abs and a big hose.

However - purely for entertainment value and in conjunction with this theme, the men on this page, above, and in the video, below, are very able bodied, and seem more likely to start a fire than to put one out.  Metaphorically speaking.

Please consider buying this, or another firefighter calendar and supporting an excellent cause.

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