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#RomanticFridayWriters - First Love, First Hayride

First Love... don't those two words give you a warm, melty sensation?  Even if s/he turned out to be a big mistake later on, first love always has a special kind of magic.  (If only I could remember who mine was...)

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Denise (aka L'Aussie) & Francine, thank you so very much for starting this group, doing all the work to keep it going, and giving us such challenging prompts. This week, Challenge #23, is First Love.

Doing something different - since it's First Love, I thought I'd write outside my comfort zone and try for MG (Middle Grade) level.  And - choose your own ending.

First Love, First Hayride - Word Count: 398; FCA (Full Critique Acceptable - and requested, thank you!)


For years - well, two years, anyway, Tessa had studied the older kids at HarvestFest.  The geeks walked around by themselves, or with a friend.  The cool kids partnered up, boyfriend and girlfriend.

They’d walk around the booths together, sharing pizza and cotton candy.  He’d throw baseballs at milk bottles.  Even if he didn’t win a prize, she’d be all googly eyes at him for trying.

Then they’d turn in the tickets for a hayride.  Rumors of kissing and more on those hayrides circulated throughout the school.

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There was a boy in her class who kind of liked her, Steve.  He wasn’t gross or anything, but...  Tessa really liked Adam.  The tall, dark-haired boy lived in the next building at the apartments.  Already in junior high.  And so cute.  If she showed up at HarvestFest with Adam she would be dead cool for the rest of the year.  And the thought of kissing him, in the hayride...

Every time Tessa saw him, she tried to go ask him, and froze.

“Janelle, you ask for me,” she begged her best friend.

I can’t just go talk to him.  I'm shy, too.”


Every day for a week, Tessa bugged Janelle, and watched Adam around the apartments.  Probably with googly eyes.  She thought he liked her.  He smiled like he liked her.

HarvestFest.  Dad had given Tessa money - enough for two people, but Adam was nowhere around.  Janelle’s mom said on the phone she was on her way to the festival.

Crushed, she held her head high as she walked over.  I won’t let anyone see it bugs me, being the only sixth-grade girl without a date.  And Steve was there, at the gate, asking, “Do you want to go around HarvestFest with me?”

“Okay.” Tessa felt glad at being rescued, and a little mad that Steve hadn’t asked her before.

They got some cotton candy, and walked around.  Steve bored her. Talked about school.  Hello, we’re in the same class!  A little shorter than her, which was awkward.  He didn’t offer to do the baseball and milk bottle game either, which was kind of insulting.

Getting in line for the hayride, Tessa wasn’t sure if she wanted to kiss him or not.

“There you are!”  Janelle.  And standing right behind her, Adam.

“I thought you wanted to go around the festival with me,” his eyes flickered to Steve.

What does Tessa do next?  She could:

Dump Steve.  After all, she always liked Adam better, and she did ask him, first.  (Sort of.)  And Janelle is giving her these looks like she'd be really mad at her if she dumped Adam after she finally got up the courage to invite him for Tessa.

Apologize to Adam and stay with Steve, even though he bores her.

Work out something so that both boys go around the festival with her for the rest of the night.

Apologize to both of them and go home and cry.

Or...?  How would you end this story?


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Your thoughts?


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