Friday, October 21, 2011

We Need to See Less of Each Other

Every writer struggles with the same issue - too much to do, not enough time.

Plus there are so many pretty, shiny distractions.

Like blogging.  I do enjoy blogging.  I like writing posts, I love looking for cools pics or videos to include, I love visiting other blogs and posting comments.

But lately, I feel like a man cheating on his wife.  Because the MS I finished last month is sitting forlornly in a corner, waiting for me to really buckle down and edit it.

Now.  I did need to take a little breather, right after I finished it.  At first, I was on such a high, I thought it was perfect, not a period misplaced, not a single word poorly chosen.  The writer's equivalent of beer goggles.

Then I looked at it again, and ye gods, was it hideous.  How did I ever think I could be a writer?  I should just put the whole thing in the trash. Prolly should reformat my hard drive to erase any traces that it ever existed.  *sobbing*

Lately, I've been able to take a more clear-eyed look at it - and I think it's pretty good.  But... there are some holes in the roof, there, some furniture that needs to be moved all around, maybe some windows replaced.  That accent wall - not working.  The carpeting's kind of scraggly, too.

Still, it's got potential.  It'll be a sweet little novel someday, once I fix'er up.

But how do I make time for editing when I am so busy and my mind is so engaged with blogging?

I can't.  This post was intended to be a cute piece that tied the Romantic Friday Writers' prompt, Whispers, in to this week's GBE 2 theme, Safe Haven.  If I invested 4-5-7 hours into sitting at the 'puter, I'm sure I  could do a decent enough job, if not some marvelous piece that goes viral.

Or, I could take a couple hours to write this post, and have several hours left of time and creative "juice" to work on my edits.

So, here's my new plan.  I will continue to blog - but not three times a week.  Maybe not even twice, depending on if the spirit moves me.  I will still participate in GBE2 and Romantic Friday Writers - if the prompt really grabs me and I can write something quickly and easily.

I will still visit blogs and leave comments - but not as many, nor as frequently.  (So, please don't take it personally if I don't visit you as often.  It's me, not you.  Your content is still fabulous, I swear.)

I need to devote the lion's share of my time and creative energy to my wife, er, my manuscript.

She deserves it.

Have you ever had to make similar choices?
Thoughts, comments?