Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A-Z: CakeWrecks Hits My Sweet Spot

I was raised that it's not nice to laugh at poor souls Who Are Doing The Best They Can.

Luckily I got over it.  Otherwise, I couldn't enjoy CakeWrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong, as one of:
My 26 Favorite Ways to Piss Away Time Do Valuable Research on the Interwebs.
See, Cake Wrecks is not actually mean-spirited.  As Jen, the creator of the site explains:
Anyone who has ever smeared frosting on a baked good has made a Wreck at one time or another, so I'm not here to vilify decorators: Cake Wrecks is just about finding the funny in unexpected, sugar-filled places.
I have certainly made my share (and more) of terrifying baked goods.  So I'm laughing with the Wreckerators (as Jen has dubbed them), not at them.

(You're right. I'm laughing at them.)

The Cake That Started It All...
from Cake Wrecks

There are cakes with spelling mistakes.  Cakes with chocolate frosting that looks a little too much like poo.  Or, sometimes, a two-fer.

Balloon decorations that resemble something you'd see in a sex ed slide show.   Cakes in shapes that look nothing like the shape they are supposed to resemble.

Four-leaf clover - anyone can tell that!

There are cakes and decorations so bizarre they leave one scratching one's mohawk.

Little did the Wreckerator know these would become a symbol of wacky fun 
Jen says, about the picture above:
This cake is so disturbing, I'm almost glad the picture doesn't include the whole thing. The plastic clone babies wearing naught but mohawks are bad enough, but then they're also riding carrots. What do you do with that? It looks like some kind of perverted vegetable rodeo, or maybe a bizarre clone military exercise, what with their little plastic fists raised high in identical salutes.
And what kind of occasion calls for a "naked babies riding carrots" decor, anyway? No, wait, maybe I don't want to know...
The horrifying baby cakes alone are enough to make one swear off baby showers forever.  This "baby" looks like he'll be sporting five o'clock shadow anytime now.

Now here's the thing - while the pictures are often very funny all by themselves, it's Jen's (and sometimes John's) smart and witty writing that makes the whole site a delight.  They know when to comment at length, to make a picture that might be "meh" absolutely hilarious, and when to let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is why Cake Wrecks is always such a great distraction.  And they've even turned it into a book or two, which you should totally buy.

My A-Z theme is My 26 Favorite Ways to Piss Away Time Do Valuable Research on the Interwebs.

Truly, sometimes an idea from a "pointless" fun site or post or photograph does result in pages and pages of writing. Or at least a blog post or two.

Are you a Cake Wrecks fan?
Got other fun sites beginning with the letter "C"?
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