Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-Z: I Can Has Cheezburger
Haz Nozzing To Do Wit Fud

(Photo credit: Silvia Alba)
I suck at titles and captions.  Occasionally I hit on a good one, but mostly, I'll put out a blog post and think, "Yet another title to make people race screaming in the opposite direction."

But I do enjoy seeing it done well, which is why I Can Has Cheezburger? is one of:
My 26 Favorite Ways to Piss Away Time Do Valuable Research on the Interwebs.

Cheezburger is full of lolcats.  And cute captions.  I live in hope that perhaps some of that talent for spotting the funny twist will rub off on me.

funny cat pictures - I c'n fix ur computer,  but teh oil change will be extra.

Maybe it's the ginger hair, er, fur, and the impressive skillset but this cat reminds me a bit of my own excellent mechanic.  (Bruce, you know I love you, baby!)

Cheezburger specializes in cat capshunz, but lots of other animals are featured, too.


Sweet doggies.

funny dog pictures - I Has A Hotdog: Stereotypes Hurt Like Biting!

Sea critters aren't neglected, either.
Funny Animal Captions - Punk'd by Jaws!

There's also memes, fails... much to laugh at.  So even if the funny doesn't rub off, I get a personal laugh out of the visit.

white trash repairs - The Flintstone's Mail Box

The above looks like how Dr. Seuss would repair a mailbox post.

My A-Z theme is My 26 Favorite Ways to Piss Away Time Do Valuable Research on the Interwebs.

Truly, sometimes an idea from a "pointless" fun site or post or photograph does result in pages and pages of writing. Or at least a blog post or two.

Do you haz luv for Cheezburger?
Any tips for good titles or capshunz?
Got other fun sites beginning with the letter "I"?
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